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CHE EXISTS to support a love of learning through engaging experiences and collaborative community.

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OUR MISSION is to engage homeschool students in quality, enrichment experiences that are grounded in physical location, family and community, promoting life-long learning. Our focus is on student engagement with adventure in natural environments and on academic support. Truth, beauty, and goodness is foundational to all our endeavors.

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OUR AUTHORIZATION is through partnership with Education reEnvisioned BOCES and operated by Colorado Homeschool Enrichment - a Colorado Non-Profit organization based in New Castle and Colorado Springs, CO.  Because our services are publicly funded, students who attend CHE may NOT be enrolled in another public education program in Colorado (including traditional K-12 school, charter school, or other State-run program). Students enrolled in other public school programs (such as online home-based public programs) may pay tuition to participate in some CHE classes or Micro-Campuses, however. Our main campus is in New-Castle Colorado, all of our Micro-Campuses and Brach-Campuses choose from our approved courses in our authorized course catalog.

Our Values


We appreciate the integral involvement of family life to quality student achievement. Families are defined by lifelong bonds of interdependence. The power and effectiveness of homeschooling flows from a loving foundation within a family unit, and family-based education bolsters strength, resilience, and robust character.

Mutually Beneficial and Voluntary

We strive to remain highly responsive and customer-sensitive. Parent-managed Micro-Campuses and school programs return high value to students and families. Building from a foundation of mutual aid and choice, parents exercise entrepreneurial choice over delivery of services, while a rigorous structure of accountability respects the public trust.


We supplement home-based education through furnishing depth, enrichment, adventure, skill-building, and socially formative learning environments. CHE's enrichment program seeks to augment a family’s primary responsibility and control of their children’s education. Therefore, we are not a school or comprehensive curriculum, nor do we issue grades or transcripts.


It is here where families are challenged physically, tested mentally, stretched in their leadership abilities, become more grounded as individuals, and ultimately form enduring bonds.


We support our families through guidance, networking, and fellowship. Students and families engaged within enrichment Micro-Campuses build better homeschool educators and nourish integrity and dignity. Homeschoolers thrive when they collaborate with high-quality, vetted teachers, mentors and programs that uplift and inspire them to improve and grow.


We offer homeschoolers a unique opportunity, along with a responsibility, to engage in healthy friendships within peer and mixed-age groups in their communities. Healthy families well-supported in homeschooling make healthy communities. CHE links homeschoolers to the richness of their local communities, benefitting both.

What we offer
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CHE provides access
to enrichment classes
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CHE provides access
to adventure classes
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CHE provides access to private
tutors, educational trips and materials
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Regular training, community,
building, and support for Micro-Campuses
What we don't offer
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Credits or diplomas
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Core curriculum

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Academic testing

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Funding for religious or
non-educational purposes