Adventure Classes

Living in the beauty of Colorado, we focus on experiential learning and embrace outdoor education as much as possible.

Current Classes

See what adventures await you!

What You Learn

We specialize in adventure! We explore nature, challenge our youth physically, and build life-long confidence and leadership ability, essential factors needed to lead the future generation. While enjoying nature, students will have fun, create community, and learn valuable skills such as first aid, communication, and teamwork.

Our Programs

Year-long Adventure Classes

Unleash your inner adventurer with our full-year adventure classes for middle and high school students. Hone your skills in climbing, canyoneering and more, boost your confidence, and explore career opportunities in the great outdoors.

Two 6-day long Trips

Full-time private school students as well as homeschool students are in for a treat with two exciting, week-long trips scheduled each year – one in August and the other during Spring Break. Get ready to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Utah's deserts, Colorado's mountains, and the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico.

Micro-Campus Access  

If you are already involved in a Micro-Campus, we have adventure programs for you. Contact your Micro-Campus Leader to find out more.  

What We Teach

These are a sample of activities our classes can teach your students.




First Aid



Little girl and teenager smiling at the beach
Group shot in Canyon, in Utah
Group shot in the mountains
Little kids in Utah having fun in canyons