Join us at CHE-New Castle

for a truly transformative educational journey.

WEDNESDAY PROGRAM - Benefit from expert instruction by seasoned teachers offering a wealth of all-day enrichment electives every Wednesday. Immerse your child in up to six hours of dynamic classes designed to stimulate their mind and engage their passion. A variety of classes are offered for K-12, such as, nature studies, violin, folk dance, and academic enrichment. We feature hands-on STEM labs in partnership with Stem Center USA.

OUTDOOR EDUCATION - Students in grades 6 through 12 will experience the thrill of Canyoneering. They will develop critical survival skills through wilderness first aid and develop strong character traits through challenging their own comfort zones, practicing patience, critical thinking, and teamwork.

ARROWSMITH - To help your neurodiverse child thrive through individualized attention in an innovative and effective approach to nurturing executive function and concentration, check out our single program Arrowsmith, where students can sharpen their Symbol Relations skills and unleash their full potential. 


Eligible students must NOT be enrolled in any other publicly funded program at the time of enrollment.  Students must be considered homeschoolers under Colorado law. To ensure eligibility for CHE state funding, students must take 6 units during the fall semester and 6 units in the spring semester.

kids doing an experiment
High school kids in classroom


Students who sign up with CHE can take 6 units tuition-free per semester. Families can sign up for additional units and pay $300 per unit

If you are already enrolled in a CO public school, whether full-time, part-time or online,  you can still purchase units and participate in adventure classes, academic classes, and the Arrowsmith program and pay $300 per unit.