Adventure Leadership 2/3 (9-12 Grade)

Course Description:

This course provides the second level of training focused on more advanced techniques in the outdoors.  The course includes level 2/3  training in outdoor safety and first aid, technical training for exciting sports like climbing, canyoneering, snow skills and a wide array of leadership skills. We focus on leadership and teamwork through physical and mental challenges. Most of all, Adventure Leadership 2/3 gives students the opportunity to discover and develop their talents, abilities, and passions at the next level.

Course Objectives:

In this class, students will practice:

  • Navigation
  • Climbing/Canyoneering/Snow-skills
  • Base camp skills
  • Rappelling techniques
  • Safe harnessing, anchoring, and cleaning of equipment
  • Knot tying
  • Outdoor safety
  • Wilderness first aid
  • Proper ascending and descending
  • Belaying
  • Self-rescue and team rescue
  • Teamwork
  • Servant leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Patience and stress management
  • Wisdom and decision making
  • Adventure planning and resource management
  • Communication skills
  • Cultivation of soft skills and leadership abilities


With successful completion of this course students can gain a Wilderness First Aid certification as well as our Venture Off Lead Rappel or Rappel Guide certification.   

Scope and Sequence: 

This course is designed to stir students' passion for outdoor leadership, give them valuable technical skills, and put them in situations where humility, quick-thinking, and physical ability will be demanded of them.  As a level 2/3 high school adventure program, this course is ideal for students with experience in a Level 1 Adventure course or the equivalent. This includes experience with adventure concepts and the resilience/desire to learn the needed skills to flourish in this level 2/3 adventure program. This course can be taken for the acquisition of new skills or as part of a larger trajectory to become an adventure guide after high school.

Course Materials and Resources:

In class daily:

  • Binder or notebook
  • Pen & Pencil 
  • Appropriate active wear - for the current weather conditions


Various technical gear will be required throughout the course. All technical gear will be provided for in-class activities and outdoor activities.  A thorough gear list will be provided prior to an upcoming trip.


Semester 1

Semester 2

Grading Policies:

As a homeschool enrichment class we do not issue grades or credits.  However, this class is designed to help gain certifications in wilderness first aid and canyoneering, which require successful completion of material to gain certification. 


  • Phones will not be permitted in class except when required for assignments. 
  • Tablets or laptops will not be allowed in class for note-taking but may be used occasionally with permission to do assignments in class.


There is no cost to the parent or student because this class is a program of the Colorado Homeschool Enrichment. CHE is a publicly funded program to benefit homeschooled and private school students with programs to enrich their standard course load.  All students must enroll with CHE starting in the summer to be prepared to start class in the fall. Eligible students must NOT be enrolled in any other publicly funded program at the time of enrollment.  

Ineligible students may pay $4500 out of pocket for the course.  


The class will be taught under the direct supervision of Jeff Cooper and his team of instructors.  Jeff has been leading and teaching adventure leadership to students for over 20 years.  His training and teaching outdoor leadership began in California and he then moved in 2006 with his wife to start The University School in Colorado Springs. Jeff acted as the head administrator for 15 years where he established a successful Adventure Leadership program for grades 6th-12th.  In 2009, he also started Venture Off, a wilderness discipleship program.  While running Venture Off full time, he is also joining CHE to become their director of Outdoor Education.  

Kris has worked with students from elementary to young adults for over 7 years. His technical skills were gained through Venture Off’s training and certification process. Kris officially came on board with CHE spring of 2023. He loves working with young people, challenging them to grow, and sharing his knowledge.

Matt Hutchins not only has been canyoneering/climbing for the past decade but has 7 years of experience in teaching and guiding. In addition to being certified as a Wilderness First responder. 

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